For over 20 years, novusweb has been creating innovative solutions for the web, with a special focus on eCommerce. Over the years, we’ve used a lot of platforms, tools and integrations to give ourselves and our clients a competitive advantage. Some have been quite stellar; others, not so much.

We decide some time ago that if we truly wanted the kinds of features that add to a client’s outcomes, we needed to rely less on the work of others and create the ideal add-ons that we would enjoy using. As we scoped this out, it became apparent that given our technical, aesthetic and industry knowledge capabilities, we could not only craft solutions for our clients, but there is a market for the very kind of solutions we craft.

novusweb360 is Born

As we sat down and mapped out our long-term strategy for products to build and sell, we realized we were improving functionality in almost all areas related to SMB eCommerce. We will be building solutions related to products, customers, orders, marketing, fulfillment, operations, design and more. When we reach “critical mass,” we will have touched on a full 360° of eCommerce.

Therefore, we derived the name novusweb360™ to reflect both the deep, deep experience of novusweb and our intended aim to touch upon all aspects with what today’s online merchant must engage. Yes, it is an ambitious goal — and, perhaps, a bit ostentatious — to develop tools that will fully deliver a beneficial experience for merchants at a positive ROI, but then we’ve never shied away from a good challenge.

Keep Your Eye on Us

Over the next few months, if you watch us, you’ll find a steady stream of releases all culminating with our novusweb360 Suite. Each component of this suite will be released, improved and evolved so that they all can work separately, as well as seamlessly together.

If you want us to keep you updated on our progress, just subscribe to our list, and we’ll let you know as we release new products. Plus, we’ll be giving folks an opportunity to beta test some releases. You could be on the cutting edge!

Now, it’s time to charge on!