About Us

A Balanced Company

We work hard and play well with others. By accomplishing success for our customers, we find life much more enjoyable.

Forward Thinking

What works for today may be less than necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow. So, we’re always at the whiteboard.

Problem Solvers

Unlike most in our field, we’ve been where our customers are. We tackle problems from a merchant’s perspective.

Support Above Everything

Live chat? Yes. FAQs? Got those, too. But, that’s not enough. We have to listen. Hard. And react with empathy and compassion.

Our Locations

Austin Texas

One of America’s fastest-growing cities today, we fell in love with the Texas capital decades ago. Long a secret of UT Longhorns, Austin is now home to some of the most innovative and creative talent in America. Plus, all the tacos you can eat.

Toronto Ontario

Sometimes called the “New York” of Canada, for us Toronto is our mecca of energy, vitality and the good life of the Great White North. Wonderful food, warm people and a great proximity to all things fine about Canada.

Our Story

novusweb360™ evolved from the creative minds of novusweb®, a premiere eCommerce agency focused on helping small and medium sized merchants excel. By solving some of the more vexing issues facing clients, the leadership of novusweb created novusweb360 to offer its remedies to the entire eCommerce community.
We have long felt that every merchant deserved the same level of sophistication and care afforded larger competitors, but without the unweldy complications and pricing. Today — and into the foreseeable future — novusweb360 intends to bring more power and more success to those hard-working entrepreneurs of the online selling industry.