Collection Filter App

for Shopify Merchants

The singular enhancement to give your shoppers a better way of filtering collections for the products they want to buy.

Add Filters to Sidebar

With one simple code snippet, you can add filterable navigation to your Collection sidebars. Help your customer find what they want faster.

With our Shopify Collection Filter, you can also select to show Vendors, Types and Tags in addition to the particular attributes of your products.

Manage Sets of Attributes

Shirts have sizes and colors. Stereo speakers have range and ohms. And camera specs have resolution, ISO and shutter speeds. You can easily create Attribute Sets for each type of product you offer so you can provide the same kinds of attributes for like products.

Intelligent Breadcrumbs

Add one small code snippet to your Collection page template, and your customers can traverse up and down your collection and selected attributes. Reduce the number of clicks and you’ll reduce barriers to sales.

The Most Powerful Collection Filter Ever

Other collection filters are very time-consuming and require manual tagging of products. Furthermore, they’re restricted by the 256 character limit of the Shopify tag field. With the novusweb360™ Collection Filter, you’ll get amazing ease of use and incredible, flexible power.


Unlimited Products & Attributes

The number of products and attributes (width, material, etc) is limited only by your imagination.

More Attribute Values

You can have up to 40 attribute values assigned to a product.

Convenient Attribute Sets

By grouping product attributes into sets, you’ll only see the attributes relevant to a given product.

Swatches Allowed

Do you want to demonstrate your filters using color or image swatches? No problem. It’s included!

Easy Importing

For larger catalogs, our Collection Filter allows you to import a simple-formatted CSV file and Attribute Sets and Values will be automatically created.

Efficient Admin UI

Our Administration interface is easy to use and makes quick work of your attribute tasks.

Great Support for You

Look, we’ve been where you are. We know it’s hard building a profitable online business. The last thing you need is to have technical issues with an app. That’s why we have a very robust Support system in place. From video screencasts and verbose documentation, to in-app live chat and responsive help desk, novusweb360™ is committed to your success.

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