novusweb360™ Suite

Giving SMB merchants the power of Enterprise.

Connect Your Channels

Regardless of whether you have a Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento store — or any mix of them — our Suite will connect your stores so all your data is unified and synced.

Product Information that Works

Ever wish you could easily import distributor-supplied product information? Want to migrate products from one platform to another? Need to create unique bundles and product types? Well, our Suite has you covered. You’ll have power you never knew existed.

Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves

When you can mine customer data from all your selling channels, grab their social profiles and consolidate their buying habits, you really know who buys your products. This knowledge will open up a world of possibilities for increasing your conversions and sales.

Put Your Order Management on Steroids

Whether you have one storefront or multiple sales channels, you may have different rules for handling orders based on warehouse, shipping destination, customization and more. With our Suite’s powerful automation rules engine, you can handle more orders per hour than before.

The Power of Enterprise

The big boys spend millions on sophisticated software systems because, well, they can. As an emerging online merchant, you deserve the same level of power. novusweb360™ delivers just that, but without the huge price tag.

Just look what power you’ll have:

Product Management

Compose and edit images. Add keyword-rich descriptions. Set pricing and options. Push to your channels.

Order Management

Create order processing rules. Adjust or refund orders. Track the entire order lifespan.

Customer Management

Consolidate customers across channels. Gather social profiles and demographics. Create target groups for marketing.


Inventory Management

Create an inventory master. Sync availability across all channels. Flag warehouse discrepanices.

Marketing Management

Manage marketing calendars and events. Build campaigns across stores, emails and social media.


Content Management

Create content calendars. Compose and push content to stores, blogs, email and social media.

Report Engine

Easily create custom data relationships. Configure a status dashboard. Automate daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Rules Engine

Drag-and-drop configurations. Create your own AI-based automations. Increase operational efficiency.

Import Engine

Import CSV, Excel and JSON data sources. Create sophisticated field mapping rules.

Coming Soon

We have been working on our Suite since 2015, and we’re getting close! We’re a bit “retentive” when it comes to quality and performance, so please excuse our investment in time and innovation. We’re confident, however, that you’ll love the result!

Our Suite will integrate with the following popular SMB eCommerce platforms:

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