Our Team

We come from good stock: experience, creativity, innovation and fearlessness.

Bret Williams

Lead Maverick

A 20+ year veteran of online eCommerce, Bret is a serial entrepreneur, never content to settle for the status quo. He’s a very curious fellow who always feels there’s yet one more better mousetrap to build.

Jono Guthrie


Hailing from New Zealand (now living in Toronto), Jono excels at architecting efficient code scaffolds that make our work zip. And he’s probably the most cheerful geek you’ll ever encounter.

Cyndi Williams

Chief Success Officer

By far, the most organized and grounded person on our leadership team, Cyndi has worked with Bret for over 20 years making sure we deliver on-time and on-budget. She loves taking care of the details.

Rachel Guthrie

Director of Satisfaction

It takes a very special type of person to be truly helpful when customers are facing challenges. Rachel makes sure our customers enjoy using our products as we enjoy making them.

Innovative Ideas

For over 20 years, our leaders have been innovators in eCommerce, web applications and entrepreneurship. We have more ideas to come, too.

Advanced Technology

We don’t just accept the world “as-is.” We prefer to identify, use and enhance technologies that truly add value for our clients and team.

Profitable Operations

We believe you find and nurture the right people. Empower them to do whatever is needed for the customer. Help them enjoy life. Profits take care of themselves.

Caring Support

We don’t succeed unless our customers do. And while real support is expensive, we believe it adds much more to our bottom line — and to our mission.

Don’t be Shy.

Whether you’re another in our industry, a customer (potential or current) or someone who would like to work on our team, feel free to contact us.